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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

How can The Hair Clinic Rx professionally help with permanent hair loss?


Non-surgical hair replacement, also known as Cranial Prosthesis is not a “one size fits all” situation. So proper assessment is necessary when consulting a client about hair replacement options.


These are some questions to determine if the client is a good candidate for hair replacement. We also want to ensure that the client has not suffered permanent hair loss because laser therapy treatment may be the best solution. However, If you suffered from permanent hair loss due to medical reasons, then you m 


While hair loss may be the new way for us to service clients, education is critical. As professionals, we are responsible for providing the correct information and the best hair loss solution.


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure – A thin transparent layer of polyurethane is positioned on the scalp, forming a tight membrane that acts as a second layer of skin’. The non-surgical hair replacement system unit is human hair that matches the patient's existing hair characteristics.  It is applied using a medical-grade adhesive that may last up to 5-8 weeks. 


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